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Tomatoarashi rabu

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Hi :) I am Tess, teenage girl who:

*** is big fan of TOMA IKUTA and ARASHI too
*** like Japan, its culture, fashion, traditions, nature, manga, anime
*** isJapanese drama otaku XD XD XD lol
*** love J-pop (J-rock a bit XD )

(my hobbys: drawings, listening music, watching japanese dramas, animals, bicycling, skating, fashion, Tumblr, traveling, )

I am sorry i am not very active in livejournal... but i post a lot in my tublr blogs XD
if you want follow me, i will be so happy!!!!
if you are interested please check my blogs here: http://tomatoliciousheya.tumblr.com/ my TOMA tublr blog

or my japane-dorama, ARASHI, japanese stuff blog http://princesst-chan.tumblr.com/

ARIGATOU :) :) :)

I also have facebook account (this is my fangirling acc lol XD XD):

I like to make new FANGIRLING friends, so if you are Japanese lover, ( or Toma lover or Arashi lover feel free to add me haha :) :) :) )

I will be glad and happy :) Yoroshiku onegaishimasu

That is all... If u are interested contact me!!! I will answer ONLY POLITE questions!!!!!

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